Why I sold my Clubhouse invite

The psychology of scarcity and social proof

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse allows people to create ‘rooms’ to talk about anything they want. You get access to the app through invitations. Rooms ranging from tech startups to silent meditations are being hosted. The easiest description of a Clubhouse experience is sitting at the dinner table with your role model.

The growth of Clubhouse.

To break down how Clubhouse’s growth is best to combine the analogies of the exclusive dinner party and the concept of building a village.

Credits: Vajresh Balaji

Phase 1: The first few dinner parties.

Having raised from a16z and being connected to the top SV/VC community, they started to leverage them as beta testers.

Phase 2: The next ten dinner parties.

Between Phase 2 and 3 is where a lot of interesting network effects started to unfold for Clubhouse’s user growth. A few common human desires and behaviors are being acted upon during the process.

Phase 3: The village | The Lion King production

In the Lion King production phase, the app is no longer reserved for the tech community. It has started to reach a global village.

Other Notable Mentions

iOS Only: Being an exclusive iOS only social app deserves a mention. Globally, iOS devices only represent 28% of the mobile phone devices with Android at 72%. Creating an exclusive iOS club contributed to the scarcity and spread of the FOMO.

Where is Clubhouse heading?

This is the most excited consumers have been about another social app. It will be interesting to see how Clubhouse maintains its user growth whilst balancing its needs. Twitter also has a similar product called Spaces so it will be interesting to see how the social-audio platform space grows!

References | Acknowledgements.

Getting a Clubhouse invite:

  • Reddit: Invite thread on r/Clubhouse
  • Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook Groups: You can search for keywords such as “Clubhouse invite” and try to find groups and individuals giving out invites.

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