10 lessons from Guy Kawasaki

  • Former Chief Evangelist at Apple (Responsible for marketing Apple products) and worked alongside Steve Jobs
  • Started several businesses and now an investor
  • Currently the Chief Evangelist at Canva and sits on the board of Wikimedia.

1. Ask simple questions

  • Your business does XXX, therefore what?
  • Isn’t this interesting?
  • Is there a better way?

2. Make a MVVVP

  • Minimal — The most basic form
  • Viable — Economically feasible
  • Valuable — Does it make lives easier?
  • Validating — Does it validate and align with your company’s vision?
  • Product — Self Explanatory…

3. Get going

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late — Reid Hoffman (Co founder of LinkedIn)

  • Canva — Democratising design
  • FedEx — Piece of mind
  • Nike — Authentic athletic performance.

4. Define a business model

5. Weave a MATT

  • Milestones— most important focus for entrepreneurs is to finish X (something you can tell someone you have accomplished)
  • Assumptions — a lot of assumptions and data is out there, so you have to test it yourself to understand them
  • Tests — Get your hands dirty
  • Tasks — Have to support all of the above (M, A, T)

6. Storytelling

7. Hire infected people

8. Socialise your business

9. Seed the clouds

10. Don’t let clowns grind you down

One extra lesson

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